Research interests and achievements

Doctoral research

Sean was the RACS/RCSEng Lumley Fellow in 2000, and worked with Professor Lord Ara Darzi, at Imperial College London. His thesis for the research degree of Doctor of Medicine was entitled “The Objective Assessment of Technical Skill in Basic Surgical Trainees” and was accepted in 2004 after a viva voce examination.

Peer-reviewed publications

Sean is an author of 36 publications in peer-reviewed medical and scientific journals. Follow this link for the complete bibliography.

Eastern Health Clinical School (EHCS)

Sean is a senior lecturer with Monash University, and is appointed as part of the Eastern Health Clinical School. The clinical school is based within Eastern Health and teaches medical students from Monash and Deakin Universities, as well as constituting the academic arm of Eastern Health.

Eastern Health Surgical Research Group (EHSRG)

Sean is one of the two co-convenors of the EHSRG, which serve to support the Eastern Health surgeons and surgical trainees in their research endeavours. The group has several active projects at any given time and has been successful in achieving presentations at scientific meetings, and publications in peer-reviewed journals.

Eastern Health Research and Ethics Committee

Sean is a previous member of this committee, representing the Eastern Health surgeons, and the Eastern Health Clinical School. The ethics committee is responsible for assessing, approving and over-seeing research projects within Eastern Health.